Project: „Capacity Building of Anyksciai Municipality in Sustainable
Development and Tourism Planning by transferring Norwegian Experience”

The project is:

Project partners:


The activities of the project can be divided into these groups:

1. Target groups knowledge-building experience in the takeover of Norway.

  • Employees of Anyksciai municipality skills training and experience exchange visit to Norway. During this visit have been acquainted with Norway experience in planning and organizing activities and projects of sustainable tourism.
  • Target group trainings. There was organized 28 hours (2 days) long trainings in Anyksciai. Target group was consisted from 20 members. These trainings were focused on sustainable tourism planning and developing, preparation of strategic plans of sustainable tourism, etc. Trainings were conducted by experts from Institute of Tourism Development (Rasuolė Andrulienė, Ieva Pernavaitė, Dovilė Radvilavičiūtė), from Hedmark county (Anne Heggelund, Monica Eriksson) and from NGO „IdeasBank" (Kirsten Paaby).  More information is here.
  • Institutions employees from target group experience exchange visit to Norway. This exchange visit was organized in June 27 - July 07, 2010. The target of this visit was to access to the planning of regional tourism and to see, how it is applied in practise. During this experience exchange municipalities of Ski and Os and ski resort Trysil were visited.

2. Development of strategic planning procedures in Anyksciai district.

  • Auxiliary planning tools were prepared: publications „Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism Development" and „Planning Model of Sustainable Tourism". These publications are here.

3. Improving external communications by effectively publicizing the project results.

  • Articles in Anyksciai district media.
  • The project website had been made.
  • Information postcard had been prepared. (here)
  • Project final seminar (which took 3 hours) has been organized. During the seminar has been presented project activities and the results. In this seminar participated guests from Kupiskis, Radviliskis, Ukmerge and Utena districts. Pictures are here.