Project: „Capacity Building of Anyksciai Municipality in Sustainable
Development and Tourism Planning by transferring Norwegian Experience”

The project is:

Project partners:


Training seminar “Application of Sustainable Development Principles in District’s Development and Tourism Planning”

First day. “Concept of sustainable tourism and planning process”

Second day. Interactive seminar “Best practices and methods for involving local groups in the work for sustainable tourism”

 Method "Let the Globe go around". The participants express their expectations toward the seminar.


Method "Speed-dialogue"

Method Café Dialogue - opportunities for future tourism projects in Anyksciai.
All ideas had marked down on the tables.


 Evaluation and closing. Method "The Picture Circle"

Project final seminar

During the project final seminar has been presented project activities and the results. In this seminar participated guests from Kupiskis, Radviliskis, Ukmerge and Utena districts.